do all points lead back to us?

“All my life’s a circle.”  A great lyric from a great song.  But how true is this?  Something dawned on me the other day, sort of a thing where one cannot escape themselves because every shape leads back in/unto itself.  Take a triangle or parallelogram:  their lines are the perimeter of an enclosed space, just like a circle’s.  It is outside the lines that there may lie limitless possibilties … or not.  If the outside is our planet, the aforesaid constructs upon it, then once again we have defined and limited enclosures on a circle rotating in two other circles (axis and orbit) in perhaps a circular universe.  Try a t-shape or perpendicular lines, meeting at a juncture point.  Isn’t that juncture point another circle?  Same thing with a cross.  And if a straight line curves around a circular sphere as would parallel lines, back to square one, so to speak.  How do we escape our starting point?  Are the alpha and omega one in the same forever and ever?  Scary.  Or maybe I know next to naught – or aught – about geometry.


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  1. I think I arrived at my own answer: a wave.

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