Tetraverse, Quadraverse … Do the Pros really Knows?

I know enough about astrophysics to safely say that it excludes the realm of flying cathartics.  However, I wish to purge a long conceived notion about the universe, i.e., an ever-expanding realm, possibly in a vacuum, that points towards the eye of God (or somesuch cherished notion where science meets or melds with religion.  I’m not here to dispute the presence of the Higgs-Boson).  My totally amateur theory is based on the construct of our planet Earth’s being held in place/space by bands of electromagnetism vs. gravity as it spins on its deviating axis.  I do not believe in gravity, and I am probably not alone in this where it pertains to deep space.  My differing envisioned models of the universe could be drawn with bands of force holding it in a sphere or circle vs. a linear timeline.  If I am correct, I am possibly light years ahead of the quantum pack, if not moments!  To date, I have neither seen nor heard anything pertaining to this theory.  So, guys and gals, you’re the first.  I expect I’ll be the last invited through the wormhole.


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August 20, 2013 · 6:42 pm

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