Words should fall from one’s fingers like water vs. stymied by consternation, a constipated rhythm far from fascinating.  I am in awe of those who have and continue to achieve this.  They are the ones I salute tonight, an unconnected assortment of friends I fortunately befriended through bravery and now hail for their long overdue and mightily deserved recognition.  They have been published!   I pray what binds us shall not evaporate — for the emotions will dry up sooner than the ideas yet to take shape.  The writer plays with words, sometimes tortured by the presumed expectations of others before they see the page.  Those worth their paper are regaled by those who acknowledge them, their readership.  The bond must never be broken.  Congratulations my dear G.S.  I’m sure cabs are for kissing.  And you’ve earned one big buss.


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