there you are

Wherever you go, there you are.  Old nouveau philosophy à la 12-Step.  Does it really matter that you moved there and I moved here? We took ourselves and our personalities. We have the task of being the light in our own dark room; we just must strike the right match.

I basically believe in the concepts of karma and dharma. What we put out, we get back, and, We have a path to follow that is preset, based on the past, and we must overcome certain obstacles or we are doomed to encounter them over and over, until we master that path, possibly beyond death and into a new life.  One must find the initiative without anger or frustration, but harboring kindness for everything.  Exuding kindness is easier than being nonjudgmental, isn’t it? Put out warmth and you wrap yourself in it.  If no one else warms up/to you, you are insulated and have lost nothing.  If they play cold, don’t give all your warmth away. You’ll always need some for a rainy day.

Ultimately, if we all stayed where we were, we would not have grown as human beings. We had to separate from our parents, our comfort zone, and go our own ways. When I lost both of mine, I finally grew up. Just remember, each of us is struggling with something, and each of us is being tested. What doesn’t kill us truly does make us stronger, and we wear those battle scars with pride.  I still choose to be a warrior.


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