Sitting here watching mindless tv,  the kind put out by execs who pay the more polished types (hipsters) to emit endless drivel which dumbs down doze to the lowest common denominator, and thinking, What about some new shows?  Maybe …. “Let’s Hear It For the Has(s)ids!” or “Cab Couples”?  How many of you out there know all that much about those guys in black long cloths (not loincloths) on the subway, the people you liken to Rasputin?  Heck, I rode them (the subways, that is) for over 30 years and can’t tell you a thing about these folks.  My parents had a strong dislike for their alleged body odor, while Charlotte on Sex And The City really cut loose with one.   Nothing like the forbidden.  Anyone ever “go to town” with some Amish dude?  Now there’s fodder for yet another series … comedic, of course.  And while we’re riding on my prescient words, some are probably doing a pas de deux or singing a duet  A Lewd Wetta in the back (or front) of a new mellow yellow … that’s “taxi” baybee.  Andja don’t gotta be a NuYawka.   Not yet, anyway.


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